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The Idaho Junior Golf Foundation (IJGF) was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization to solicit tax deductible donations and grants to be used to promote and support junior golf throughout the State of Idaho.


In 2018 the IJGF partnered with Idaho’s only statewide junior golf program, the Idaho Junior Tour conducted by the Idaho Golf Association (IGA), to expand the knowledge of golf to juniors through clinics, seminars and a competitive golf league.


With the financial support of the IJGF, the IGA annually serves over 500 children through its various programs. This permits the program staff the capability to coordinate championship caliber events and activities while keeping the cost down for the participants. It is the primary objective of the IJGF to introduce golf to all youth, regardless of their financial and social challenges and to promote golf as a lifetime sport. In addition to networking with the IGA, the IJGF provides annual scholarships and need based assistance for youth to participate in regional, national and collegiate golf programs.

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Meet the team of dedicated volunteers behind the IJGF

$5 golf

Juniors can play golf for only $5 thanks to the IJGF and Youth on Course


The IJGF is proud to provide students funds through the Cody Hayes Scholarship to attend college

Dinner auction

Our annual Dinner Auction fundraiser at JUMP in downtown Boise

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